Our Culture

We believe nuclear power is necessary to fight climate change. Every day we come to work with a common goal — to enable the world’s transition to clean energy

Defining Our Culture

Part of Kairos Power’s mission is to dramatically improve people’s quality of life, and we believe that starts with our own team. Everyone at Kairos Power plays a central role in shaping our culture and, together, we have made an intentional effort to build a company that supports both our people and our mission. Our team developed a set of desired culture characteristics to define how we want work to get done.

Mission Centered
People Centered
Action Oriented
Direct and Honest

To drive us closer to our desired culture, we established Kairos Compass – a cross-functional team of employees that proactively drives culture-building initiatives from all areas of the organization. Kairos Compass initiatives include: a mentorship program that matches team members with leadership and technical mentors within the organization; a virtual idea box where any team member can share new ideas with leadership; and an annual Kairos Culture Ambassador Award recognizing an employee-nominated team member who best exemplifies Kairos Power’s culture characteristics.

The Kairos Way

Kairos Power is deeply committed to a culture that embraces rapid iterative development. Through successive plan-design-build-test cycles, we gain valuable knowledge, allowing us to progress quickly and continuously improve designs with each iteration. The Kairos Way is visible in the workflows of each department across the company, from engineering to licensing and operations.

This unconventional approach to nuclear development progressively reduces our risk on the path to commercialization and establishes confidence for build and construction. It also allows us to provide our teams with hands-on experience designing, building, testing and operating real, first-of-a-kind, KP-FHR hardware prior to commercial deployment.

Safety Culture

At Kairos Power, safety is fundamental to everything we do. Our outstanding safety record is the result of a concerted team effort by everyone in the company. From the rigorous protocols we employ in our testing and manufacturing facilities, to the passive safety of our advanced reactor technology – Kairos Power’s commitment to safety is visible in every aspect of our operations. We believe there is no higher priority than protecting the health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

One Mission, Many Voices

We value the diverse perspectives of every team member and strive to foster a culture of open communication and respect. Everyone is encouraged to speak up, offer suggestions, share their experiences, and ask questions, because we know that people are central to our success. Kairos Power’s leadership is committed to building a diverse and wildly capable team of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, industry experience, and skills.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Kairos Power, we are driven to create an inclusive culture where all employees – regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, ethnicity, disability, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation – feel welcome to be their true selves and are enabled to do their best work. We actively empower our diverse workforce by providing employees with mentoring, training, and opportunities for growth so that every team member can share their unique perspectives to solve distinct problems. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee was established to drive internal practices that cultivate an environment of understanding and appreciation for the diverse spectrum of people that make our company and our communities great.

Taking Care of Our Team

We believe in investing in the health and wellbeing of our employees. Full-time employees have access to:

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