Our Progress

Below you will find updates on the progress at Kairos Power, from our CEO, Mike Laufer, and members of the Kairos Power team. There is a lot more that happens in any given month than can be included here, but the intent is to focus on key strategic decisions and highlights of our technical programs. We do not expect this process to be linear, and therefore also intend to report negative news, which will provide key early lessons on our path to a demonstration reactor and ultimately to achieve our mission: to enable the world’s transition to clean energy.

  1. March 08, 2019

    kairos (def): the right or opportune moment

    “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” – Niels Bohr For the past two years, Kairos Power has been steadily growing, and there’s a great deal of information to catch you up on. This first update is intended to provide perspective into the underlying business case behind Kairos Power, and the future commercial opportunity that drives our goal for U.S. demonstration of our reactor technology no later than 2030. Internally, Kairos Power is working on aggress…